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Smart Ass the trivia board game suitable for 2-8 players.

It is quick and easy to setup, the rules are easy to understand and the questions are not so easy that it becomes boring.

There are over 500 questions and each question includes 10 cluess, the first clue being the most general, the last, the most specific.

There are 4 categories of cards named: Who Am I?, Where Am I?, What Am I? and Hard Ass.

All the players are asked one question every turn. The first person to shout out the correct answer wins the round, he can now roll a dice to move his token on the game board.

Shouting out the wrong answer will kick you from the current turn, so don't shout too early and wait for enough clues.

Timing is everything for the true Smart Ass. Jump in too early and you may blow your chance! Wait too long and the smart ass next to you might steal the show. So that makes it a very different kind of guessing game.

The winner is the first player who reach the end square on the board and is officially declared "Smart Ass".

Luckily, there are also some twists. There are 3 spaces that will interrupt your trek to the end.

The first is the Kick Ass space that will set you back 3 spaces whenever you land on it. This one can really piss you off. The second one is the Dumb Ass space that renders the player silent for the next question and 3rd is the Hard Ass space which earns the player a question from the red-backed cards that only that person can answer.

This is a fun and loud interactive game which will keep the whole family entertained for hours! This game is one of the best ice breakers ever for family gatherings with multiple ages starting with tweens on up.

The smart ass board game awards players that are quick thinkers, but also logical at the same time.

The motto of the game is: "Even if you're a dumb ass you can win". That is more or less true as no specific knowledge base is required. All in all, there's just enough luck to keep the game open for everyone and just enough challenge to keep the game interesting, and just enough mayhem to keep the game fun.

The game goes rather quickly so if you want hours (or even one hour) of entertainment you may want to play more than one round of the game.

Smart Ass was created by Rob Elliott, the long time host of Australian Channel Seven's "Wheel of Fortune".

Smart Ass is an excellent game for family get-togethers, parties or a night in with friends. We thoroughly enjoyed playing this and had great fun.

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